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& Prof. & Ronald R. Hewitt is now 61 yrs old, he still works on 3D printing technology & other design related tech at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and he still spends most of his waking time in the local shops and arcades. In 2008 he contacted a client over the Internet who not only bought his design but also requested that he build it, and the client is still using it to this day.

Commonly known as Tom the 3D printer, Tom is the type of robotic printer that produces objects by melting a carefully designed resin into its build material and then laying the molten material onto a bench to harden.

Tom was built for $4,000 and by using lasers to build the object, it takes only 3 minutes to fully mold the plastic. Since he was not compatible with a robotic arm as a push-button printer, I requested that he make an addition with a push-button that would wirelessly pause the print. But Tom is very good at what he does. He can move very quickly so that he can produce designs that humans can only dream of, but he gets frustrated when he encounters problems during production.

As you can imagine, having a robotic printer a problem is not unusual. For example, one of the most common problems Tom encounters is the necessity for a couple of correction runs. Tom can lay two layers of resin onto the first layer and then place this two-layer stack in a small cavity for hardening, but he can’t take them out without destroying the first layer. This is not a problem with most other printers because they can easily stop on the first layer, wait for a couple of minutes for the resin to set, then start the process over again. Tom is extremely proud of his ability to continue to build objects, but he is frustrated by the inability to lift and separate the resin to produce the next layers.

A few years ago I designed a few layers of a robot arm for Tom, and now we have a very fine-tuned a robotic arm that can place two-layer stacks of resin on each layer. But the problem is that he needs to build more arms in order to use this device..

The solution to this problem is a trusty, new addition to the Tom family, a new robot arm by the name of Daisy. Daisy is the newest addition that will allow Tom to take out the resin and start over again without having to stop what he’s doing and


The installer is not responsible for the error at all. It’s a third party error.
To see what’s going on, try ‘exec xp_file_enum.exe -h’. The command will display the system error.


How to save lots of data of the website at once instead of saving it one by one?

I am creating a website that displays the whole data as a image. I have a database with 10-20 tables in it. I save data in each table one by one and put images through an API to show data. But it is taking a lot of time because the database is bigger and the site has thousands of data.
I want to save it at once and show all at once using image format. I am using PHP and MySQL. Please give suggestions for me so I can use it for now as a single image.


MySQL dump
just export all data in csv.
foreach($rows as $row) {
$sql = “INSERT INTO tbl (column) VALUES (‘val’)”;

or PHPCR Migrate.
The data is created in files.



If you want a quick solution, you can use Nestledorm. It loads your data in different types of files for you to select and edit.


With phpmyadmin, go into SQL and query for all tables, you will need to do a lot of exporting to csv’s and then importing them but they are fast. I had it done in about 5 minutes and it took me about 5 minutes to code it up.

PS, Make sure you know what

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