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Somewhere deep in the sky, a small plane is departing for its final destination.

As it passes through the airspace, topless women with a variety of skin colours, and many different shapes, are preparing their parachutes for a dramatic free fall.
They are dressed in different outfits and here are some aerial dancers, who wear traditional outfits, but are dancing on a stage.
Among them is a Japanese dancer. She is very slender, has long hair, a smile on her face, and a white costume.
Her name is Miyoko.
The sky expands as time passes.
Towards the end, many clouds appear in the sky.
They are hovering in the distance, as the plane finally returns to earth.
The cityscape is clearly visible on the ground.
But to the sky, it is still very far.
Towards the end, the plane dives in the atmosphere.
Miyoko is happy about the free fall, but she starts to have some doubts.
The fear of death is already waiting for her, even before she comes back to reality.
She is fidgeting in her seat, and as time passes, she is aware that she is slowly drawing closer to the death of her spirit.
She thinks to herself.
“I will never see my parents again, since they are already dead.
I am far away from everyone I care about.
I have no person I love.
Who will look after me if I die?
I am so alone.
I am never alone in my bed.

Suddenly, Miyoko is not alone anymore.
A young woman appears beside her.
The woman smiles at Miyoko.
Miyoko is shocked.
The woman addresses Miyoko in a variety of languages.
She speaks so fluently in Japanese that Miyoko cannot understand a word.
Miyoko replies.
“You are a Japanese woman?
You are so beautiful.

The woman smiles.
“Do you know what it means?

She takes Miyoko’s hand in hers.
“It is love.
I am your maid.

Miyoko is still in shock.
Her mind is grappling with the image of a Japanese woman with long black hair, who is running away from her plane.
She thinks about the incredible experience, that she had

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The 1985 South Australian constitutional crisis was a constitutional crisis in Australia’s state of South Australia, centred on a dispute over the validity of an electoral redistribution bill passed by the South Australian parliament, which was rejected by the federal parliament, resulting in the creation of an unusual situation. This crisis did not lead to the splitting of the state, as has been reported by several newspapers. The validity of the electoral redistribution was upheld by the High Court of Australia, and the dispute was resolved by the Governor of South Australia, a position which was exercised by John Sharp instead of Robert Mike in this case.

South Australia’s electoral boundaries had been created by a commission which based the boundaries on the 1974 electoral redistribution. However, when the new electoral boundaries were due to be drawn up in the 1982 redistribution, the South Australian parliament passed an Electoral Redistribution (Redistribution) Amendment Bill (Bill 39) to implement recommendations made by a Select Committee. This amendment altered the boundaries to the extent that a portion of South Australia was moved out of the existing metropolitan area to form the state’s Far North, as far away as the coastal area, and the inlands were redistributed further inland.

The bill was presented to the Australian House of Representatives (the House), but on 23 September 1985 the House rejected the bill. The terms of the rejection were reported on the floor of the House and on the Opposition front bench and in the media.

Immediate reaction
The situation had immediate political and social ramifications. At about 3.15pm on the day the bill was rejected, a single independent legislator met with some members of his party and his Opposition counterparts. They jointly agreed to disallow a parliamentarian’s speech on the bill to the House, which they believed was dead, and to a report on the bill and a call for the distribution to be re-referred to the Select Committee. That afternoon, a public meeting was held at the Adelaide Town Hall to discuss the crisis. The response in the public meeting was very guarded, as was the response to a newspaper advertisement printed in Adelaide in the evening of 23 September, offering the legal services of in an area outside

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