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Dewan Taraf Byutewalar ~ The Flower of Life, They are in the Water. 2nd Edition ~ Woodless Escaping an Ounce of Air can save you from Fire, is Heat a Louse, and Water can help you survive the Depth you fall in.


Yıldız Sarı�) – The true mirror of the universe.

The Sun represents the gold at the top of the yin yang symbol and is related to the heart chakra which is the center of love. It is often considered to be the source of life and sometimes a person with high spirituality is called a solar person.

The Chinese believe that each person has a miniature version of the entire universe. This miniature world is called “spiritual world.” This world is created when we are children. The Shen, or spiritual energy, becomes balanced in the upper spine during the early childhood,…Pixar Animation Studios is a world leader in computer-generated imagery, entertainment, and educational software. Founded in 1982 in the heart of Silicon Valley, Pixar’s mission has been to put the world of ideas on the screen through animation, animation technology, and digital media with great storytelling, an experimental mindset, and unprecedented quality.

Pixar is a privately held company with approximately 2,800 employees. In 2014, we released six animated feature films, including Big Hero 6, The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out, Moana, and Coco, the latter, which had the greatest box office opening of any film in the studio’s history.

At Pixar, we strive to create moments that matter and connect deeply with audiences of all ages. In 2014, the studio released Brave, Cars 3, and a new short film, Lava. In 2015, we are continuing our pursuit of innovation by opening the door to our next feature film, Incredibles 2, starring a cast including an all-star group of voice actors including Samuel L. Jackson, Dan Scanlon, Laurie Spar and Huck Milstein.

In addition to the films and their related technology, we also develop features and games that are used by our parent company, Walt Disney, and by our distribution partners. Our work also permeates Disney theme parks around the world, including Shanghai Disney Resort, Disneyland Paris, and Hong Kong Disneyland. Our software is recognized as one of the industry’s most advanced and used for on-set and in-house applications.

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