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It’s possible that a watch band is also part of a larger watch, such as a TAG Heuer Carrera or a watch like a Tourbillion with a black dial (as seen below) featuring a round, lumed dial with a single line of dots, numbers or markings used to display a time or hour. However, there is no law that requires a watch to have a band.

For example, the Breitling Superocean is listed in the Hall of Fame and has been voted No. 1 by various other organizations in the world. It has no band and is displayed in the down position (the watch is worn on the right wrist).

In the 1950s, the so-called ‘converter”’ watches and chronographs became very popular. They were usually inexpensive watches that did not have the luxury of diamonds but which had a band and a design that would be easy to convert to a wristwatch.
In the 1960s and 1970s, even some watches as collectable as a Rolex Submariner were offered as ‘converters’.

Just because something is out of fashion, it does not mean that it is not valuable to collectors. One could also call the typical African Safari watch a converter as it is easier to carry around or wear it on one’s left wrist to mark the occasion of meeting someone of importance.
If a watch is marked with a converter, the knowledge that it is a converter is not easy to find out. If a watch has no converter, it is possible to determine this without any doubts.
This is why many collectors are now hunting around to find their favourite and unique watch in the original condition without the use of a keygen or cracks.

The first question about a converter is whether or not it is a genuine converter.
A good watch has serial numbers. The information found on the dial is often not enough to identify a watch as genuine.
In the case of a watch with a combination lock, it may be found on the back of the watch which of course is very difficult to see and read.

A converter watch should have a serial number on the ring or the actual band. A converter watch may be identified by its serial number.
Even if a watch is made today without a converter, one may still find some of these in the hands of watchmakers. Even a Rolex does not come without its converter ring.

If we look carefully at the watch in the picture above, we will find a

hmm…what kind of an image is that?.

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