At Luv-N-Care Animal Hospital we offer a wide array of services for breeding purebred dogs. Our veterinarians have years of experience performing different breeding techniques. We pride ourselves on having very high success rates when it comes to breeding. Our services include:

Pre- Breeding wellness exams for both males and females
– Before breeding it is essential that pets are examined for optimal health. Our veterinarians will perform a full physical examination and make sure they are free from all external and internal parasites, are fully vaccinated, are receiving parasite preventatives that are safe for pregnant/nursing pets, are free from any genetic or hereditary problems that can be passed on to puppies. This may involve blood tests, stool check and hormone testing. We will also discuss things pet owners need to know for successful breeding.

Determining best time for breeding
– The best time to breed varies with individual pet. It normally falls between 10-15 days after the start of heat. We perform hormone testing and undergo a vaginal cytology to accurately determine the day of ovulation and day for breeding

Artificial insemination
– We perform two types of inseminations here. One being vaginal side by side with freshly collected or chilled semen and the other being surgical insemination with frozen semen.

Pregnancy detection with ultrasound and digital radiography
– We recommend pets to undergo an ultrasound 3 weeks after breeding to confirm pregnancy. After 47 days we recommend digital radiographs (x-rays) to be taken for a puppy count.

Planning time for whelping or planned cesarean section
– We help you to determine the approximate day of whelping for natural birth as well as the day for elective C-section if necessary. We are equipped with safe anesthetic, a surgical suite, ICU unit and very well trained personnel to perform C-section or for whelping assistance.

Neonatal care
-We fully examine all puppies to confirm that they are indeed healthy puppies and not born with any birth defects.

Wellness exam , de-worming and puppy vaccinations
-We will go over de-worming and puppy vaccine protocols for preventing infectious diseases. We will also provide health certificates for puppies after they receive recommended vaccines and de-worming.