Pet Boarding in Windermere, Bay Hill, Doctor Phillips, and more!

Are you planning a vacation? Need to go out of town on business or run some errands during the day? We now offer day boarding, as well as overnight pet boarding in our hospital.

Pet Boarding Details

Our dog boarders are taken out and walked 3 times a day for some exercise. Our kitty boarders are allowed play time in one of our exam rooms with toys. All boarders are fed and cleaned twice a day or more if needed. Even when we are closed we have kennel staff that comes in and takes care of your pet. All boarders are to be free of fleas and ticks.

We also are able to administer any medications that your pet is on. Technicians keep a close eye on any special needs needed when your pet is here boarding with us.

We supply food, bowls, and blankets but if you’d like, you could always bring something from home to make their stay a little more comfortable. We feed our boarders Science Diet Sensitive Stomach for both cats and dogs.

We offer a discounted bath price for pets that board with us! While your pet boards with us if you choose we could give them a bath before they go home so they are fresh and clean for you. Baths include ear cleaning and toe-nail trimming.

It is very important to us that every boarder that comes in is up to date on their vaccines to prevent any illnesses. Here are our requirements for vaccines:

  • Feline boarders are required to have their Rabies and FVRCP within the past year, and fecal (intestinal parasite test) within the last six months.
  • Canine boarders are required to have their Rabies, DHPPL (canine distemper) and Canine Influenza Virus vaccines within the past year.
  • Canine boarders are to have their Bordetella and fecal (intestinal parasite test) done within the past 6 months.

We welcome you to come visit our pet boarding facility to check out where your loved one will be staying.

All canine boarders will receive:

  1. Three 10-minute walks per day
  2. Blankets & Pillows
  3. Bowls
  4. In-House Science Diet: Sensitive Stomach Adult Diet

If your pet requires a special diet, please bring it with you at drop-off.

Please note: Drop-off is between 8:00am and 5:00pm. Pets must be picked up by 11:00am on the day of pick-up or there will be a day stay charge of $17 for canines, and $12.50 for felines.

Pet Boarding Prices

Canine Boarding Over 50 lbs

$31.00 per night

Canine Boarding Under 25 lbs

$25.50 per night

Feline Boarding Double Condo

$32.50 per night

Canine Boarding 25.1-50 lbs

$28.00 per night

Feline Boarding Single

$23.00 per night

Boarding Bath


*Please bring special caging, bedding, heating elements, toys, diets, and enrichments for your pet!


What vaccinations are required for my pet to board?

Your pet is required to be up to date on:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper/lepto
  • Bordetella
  • K9 influenza
  • As well as either up to date on prevention OR we will require a fecal sample to be tested

If your pet is not up to date, any of these services can be performed here at our hospital.

My pet is up to date on all its vaccines and is current on prevention. May I fax or bring in my records from my regular veterinarian?


My pet requires medication administration while boarding, is there an additional charge for this?

Medication administration fee depends on frequency and number of medications.