Pet Illness

Pet Illness

Diagnosing and Treating Pet Illness

Sudden physical or behavioral changes in your pet could indicate a minor illness or something more serious. In either case, it’s important to find a vet in Orlando who can diagnose and treat the illness with care and compassion. Having a sick pet can be stressful, especially when you don’t know what the problem is. The same symptoms can occur in several illnesses, which is why consulting a veterinarian is critical to your pet’s recovery. Dr. Singh is an expert on pet illness in Orlando. Our dedicated team at Luv-N-Care Animal Hospital is committed to restoring your pet back to health.

Collecting Information About Your Pet’s History

Our first step in diagnosing illness is to collect information about your pet’s history if you are new to our practice. Breed, sex, and age are often factors for determining specific illnesses and diseases. For example, poodles are predisposed to Addison’s Disease and older cats are at higher risk for thyroid issues.

These factors help the veterinarian narrow down potential problems. Additionally, our team will ask you about your pet’s symptoms and any changes in activity level, weight, behavior, or appetite. We will also ask about your pet’s diet, current medications, and dietary supplements to rule out any food or drug allergies or sensitivities.

The Physical Exam and Necessary Tests

After we collect the necessary information about your pet, we will conduct a physical exam. When it comes to diagnosing illness, this might include obtaining blood, urine, and fecal samples for testing. In some cases, we may need to conduct an ultrasound, MRI, or other diagnostic tests. We perform all of the tests at our office for faster results. This saves you the time of driving somewhere else in for testing, plus it gets your pet on the road to recovery more quickly.

Managing Your Pet’s Illness

After we diagnose your pet, we will discuss treatment options with you and prescribe any necessary medications. We offer an online pharmacy for your convenience. Depending on the illness, it may be necessary for you to bring your pet in for further examinations. This is so we can check on the progress of your pet’s recovery and ensure the effectiveness of the treatments and medications.

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