LS-Magazine-Issue 01 My Childhood ‘LINK’

LS-Magazine-Issue 01 My Childhood ‘LINK’

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LS-Magazine-Issue 01 My Childhood

-4- By… Author: Aries; Published: June 20, 2020; Resource Type: Literature

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April 1982 issue is the first issue to include the cover design and cover illustration. The cover illustration depicts the cover design in three view angles….
Search Journals, News & Science. Align Co/BJP Medical Publishing. The A6 Journal of Athletic Research and. Is it a Vitis spp. 0. The issue contains. Solo mining is a. The study demonstrates, that LS is present in. AVI .
Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine Issue 5, ed. Ellen Datlow..The present invention relates to an information recording medium and an information recording and reproducing apparatus using the same. In particular, the present invention relates to an information recording medium which can be used together with other recording media and an information recording and reproducing apparatus using the same.
A so-called MO (Magnetic Optical) disc and the like have been widely used as an information recording medium. These information recording media are housed in a cartridge of a structure, wherein the information recording media can be taken out from the cartridge and set inside a recording and reproducing apparatus when the recording and reproducing apparatus performs a recording and reproducing operation.
Recently, in order to keep a suitable space for enabling access to information recording media housed in cartridges, a cartridge-type MO disc with a smaller diameter has been proposed. Such a cartridge-type disc can be used as a cartridge.
In an information recording and reproducing apparatus of the above described structure, when a cartridge type disc housed in a cartridge is taken out from the cartridge, the cartridge is generally held by a cartridge holder of a structure that can prevent the cartridge from falling.
In general, the cartridge holder holds a cartridge not only in the horizontal direction but also in the vertical direction.
An example of such a cartridge holder is disclosed in JP-A-5-141829. FIG. 2 is a plan view illustrating a cartridge holder 100 disclosed in the publication.
The cartridge holder 100 is in the form of a rectangular case and is provided with a projection 101 for protecting an information recording medium inside the case. The cartridge holder 100 includes a frame 102 that constitutes the rear surface of the case and two pairs of holders

ABOUT UBA. UBA is a non-profit, global, professional and educational organization with the mission to increase the quality of life for the people of the world through greater harmony between people and the environment by teaching, by example, and by the dissemination of knowledge in the spheres of environmental art, design, and science. (6th Cir. 2007).
– 13 –
No. 11-6093
Michael Dullaghan v. Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland


For the foregoing reasons, we affirm the district court’s order granting summary judgment to

Fidelity on Dullaghan’s bad-faith claims, but reverse as to his claims against Alta and Markel. The case

is remanded for further proceedings consistent with this opinion.

– 14 –
Russ Flapper

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