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Lectra Modaris(V8R1) And Diamino(V6R2) With 3D Crack

Modaris is a software system for creating high-quality 3D models of garments and product components directly from 2D patterns.
The software is optimized for CAD systems, such as Diamino HX, and lends itself to working with 3D meshes directly, offering a user-friendly interface without the need for a 3D CAD system.

Lectra Modaris V8R1 is a high-fidelity platform for CAD, with the ability to export virtually any item as a digital pattern. Modaris supports services which pull information directly from the CAD system used for rendering. It includes an offline rendering engine for fast simulation and a powerful measurement instrument, which lets you measure and fit components and garments accurately.
Lectra Modaris V8R1 will be available in February 2017.


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Handle popup.location change in facebook api onClick event

What I am trying to achieve is, When a facebook user clicks on like button, an event gets fired. The onClick event shows a window with a message. What I need is, when the page is redirects to popup.location that certain div with id == “IdOfSomethingDivClass” changes its display property to display: block. I want to that div to display with most of the content. I tried and window.location.href but nothing works. I need a hand here.
Code is written in Facebook Connect using Flash


The Facebook JavaScript SDK changes the location. You can’t use with Flash.
Are you sure the browser doesn’t scroll the page while the popup is open? As a workaround, try scrolling the page with javascript.

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Jul 19, 2020
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