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â•¢ Update the Android Software Version and Android OS Release Date. â•¢ Fix Bugs and Improve Performance. â•¢ Show the Sms Settings for Sending and Receiving SMS. â•¢ Add a new Setting to Turn on or off
€”. â•¢ Lock Screen widget with 16×16 pixels size. You can even add more widgets later on. â•¢ Support Auto-Brightness and Auto-Wallpaper. â•¢ The new and improved wallpapers and icon

Glossy is an easy to use image browser, organizer, and organizer. It is designed to be personal and easy-to-use, with a beautiful interface, an awesome style, and it is


1. Organize Images Inside



Do you need to find all the pictures and videos you have on your computer in a single place? Do you want to group your images and videos into the most relevant categories?
Image and Video Manager includes a file search feature to quickly find the images you need. And with the built-in organizer, you can easily manage the images

and videos on your hard disk. Organize, rename, delete, copy, zip, print, and export the photos and videos to standard image formats. Image and Video Manager


is the best photo and video management software for Windows.

Easy Searching

Search in several ways using the built-in search feature. For example, you can enter characters, words, file names, and even captions

And You Can Download.

The software is available for free download, it is well maintained and full version with keygen and patch is available on.

3. Implement the Album Grouping Feature


is one of the best Windows image management application that you can find, because it provides many interesting features and functions. To further enrich the application, the developers have added a new album grouping

feature, so you can sort and group your images and videos according to the album they belong to.

Add More Album Groups



Add more albums groups by clicking the Plus button. You can define the new album groups to be saved








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