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HD Online Player (Meeruthiya Gangsters 2 Movie Downloa)

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The story of the movie is as follows. The film is about the life of a rich Malayali man who is soon about to die. After watching the man’s death, a curse is put on the family of the family man, who tries to find a solution to get the man back to life. The man suddenly takes a liking to an African girl, even though he has never met her before. What will the story unfold next?

The film starred Nivin Pauly, director Mani Ratnam, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Jayaram, and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in a pivotal role. The film was released in Hindi and Tamil dubbed versions. It was a critical and commercial success.


The film starts with Vijay (Nivin Pauly) falling from a cliff in Kerala. An ambulance brings him to a house where he finds out that his friend George Sr. (Anoop Menon) has died, and that his family is filled with curses. His son, George Jr. (Nandhu), is reminded by his father at his deathbed that the family is cursed. George Jr. arranges a trip for him to meet Sarah (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), whom George Sr. has encountered once before at a coffee shop. Soon, George Jr. starts falling for Sarah.

At a function where George Sr.’s will is read, it is revealed that George Sr. has been entombed and that he was only able to think of George Jr. during his last moments of life.

George Jr. takes his grandfather’s scooter and in an accident nearly kills himself, until the ghost of George Sr. appears and tells him that he will avenge his death when Sarah is “going to sleep” with someone else. George Jr. is horrified, but he goes out and starts thinking of ways to get his grandfather’s soul back to life. Sarah discovers that George Jr. is a novitiate and constantly visits him to find out how he is feeling. The film follows the strange events that take place in his life. Meanwhile, the ghost of George Sr. works out more ways to get Sarah, and finally succeeds. The ghost appears to George Jr. again and tells him that he is now free of his curse.

However, when he gets back to Sarah, he finds that she is in love with a young

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