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“echo” into if/else-statement, in bash?

I’m trying to do something like this:
if [ “$data” == ‘1’ ] ; then echo “test” ; fi

and I get
> `[: ==: 1: integer expression expected`. How to I make this syntax work?


if [ “$1” == “1” ] ; then
echo “test” ; fi

and then execute it as
$ bash./ 1


In your script you can test with == inside the if statement.
if [ “$data” == “1” ]


As stated in the quotes are not needed if the string to be tested is already in double quotes.
The example program cited there starts with
if [ “$p” == “Hello” ]

Since the string contains a single word, the words are separated by spaces. Then if you run with the expanded variable p being an invalid string consisting of the character string equal to the word Hello, you get the line
test -ne

So, with the if statement above, $p gets expanded to Hello. In other words, the whole [ “$p” == “Hello” ] part of the if statement is redundant. You could, of course, use other shell syntax, such as ${p:6} (the character string after the sixth position), ${p:1} (the string between the second and third positions), and so on.
Also, if the test in the if statement is intended as a literal test, then there is no reason to use ==. If the test is intended as a regular expression test, there is also no need to use double quotes, because the word == and the characters before it are considered literal. The only time you would need the double quotes would be if you needed to include one or more spaces in the test. For instance, you might want to test for the existence of two or more

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