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Gooreader 4.5 Portable |WORK|

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Gooreader 4.5 Portable

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Web client for BusyBox (v2.10.1)

I have a device running BusyBox v2.10.1 (yeah! ~ 2004!)
BusyBox lacks a web client, and I assume my device is missing out on a few nice web apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Google. I have tried a couple of web-based clients (myspace and yahoo) and none seem to work.
Can I run a web-based client on a device like BusyBox (v2.10.1) (no GUI, no mouse), assuming I can get networking working?


You could be trying too hard.
getweb is a small and simple little web-server written in C for the Zaurus using development versions of the Debian 2.4.6 and 2.5.0 kernels.
It’s dependencies are

Linux 2.4.6
BusyBox v.1.3.2
Not sure how Busybox v2.10.1 works…

you can probably configure a small embedded web browser into it, depending how good the developer is at embedding a browser into a web server.


What exactly is the UNIX character L and how can I type it?

What exactly is the UNIX character L and how can I type it? What characters are available to type for the L character?
In my terminal, I have L instead of a caret:

But in vim when I try :set list, what character is displayed next to the L? And how can I type it?
Edit: I’m not trying to create a list in a file. I’m wondering about this character’s use in Vim.


It’s the list L character. It is not a single character. It is not a character I type using a keyboard, as a one-character code; it is an abbreviation for “list”.
It is generated by the function
function! ListLine()
echo -n v:char

The number in echo -n v:char is the line number of that character.
It is used in file and buffer contexts to


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