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Global Acceptance Of Blockchain Technology – ETI GAMES


You want to parse this way:
string[] lines = File.ReadAllLines(@”\\DOK-\C:\Project\Tekton 2017.07\Tektronik_Doc_C_Tekton_V1.1.txt”);

var orderedLines = lines.Distinct().OrderBy(x => x).ToArray();

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — The U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Delaware has issued an order for Chapter 11 relief for Peer 1, Inc., the filing of which will mark the first time in U.S. history that an American airline goes into bankruptcy and emerges from it with a plan to continue operating. The court ordered the company to continue operating for a year and maintain its lists of creditors and other information, and then expects to confirm a reorganization plan.

By filing, Peer 1, a New Jersey-based airline that serves United Kingdom, Europe and North Africa, has lost its ability to fly for customers and should remain in operation as a going concern.

A Chapter 11 filing adds a liquidating chapter to the business, but does not bring it to an end. It is less costly to reorganize the company than liquidate it because the company can continue operating.

“It’s been a horrific year for the airline, and not just for the airline,” said Ryan Hamel, a bankruptcy expert.

“The airline’s marketing is terrible,” he said, “and it’s losing money. It was going to file for Chapter 11 no matter what, it just delayed its filing by a month or two.”

Peer 1 has some support in the aviation community, Hamel said.

“The creditors do support this and will work to support this, and the support is mostly from the airline’s employees,” he said.

He expects a reorganization plan to be approved within a few months. There are no payments to creditors at the time of filing, since all debts were secured by the airline’s assets.

“The creditors do not want to see the airline go out of business,” Hamel said.

Peer 1 has been the victim of an unprecedented hard landing in its business, Hamel said. The airline had secured substantial investment to fund an expansion, but was unable to fulfill their contractual obligations.

“Some creditors foreclosed

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