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Mean-square continuity of $f(x,t)=\int_0^t\int_0^sf(x,s)ds$

Let $f:[0,1]\times[0,1]\to\mathbb{R}$ be defined by $f(x,t)=\int_0^t\int_0^sf(x,s)ds$. Show that $f$ is continuous at $x=0$ and $t=1$.

Following the definition of mean-square continuity, we have:
$\lim_{t\to1^- }\int_0^t\int_0^sf(x,s)ds=f(0,1)$.
We have that the mean-square continuity implies the uniform continuity.
My question
How do we show that $f(0,1)=\lim_{x\to0^- }\int_0^1\int_0^sf

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