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eSound (Konfidanty)

Tree For Android is a professional app that simply helps you find files and folders on your Android device. Create a search on any file, folder or package quickly using the app’s powerful search feature.

Leave your device alone. You don’t need to mess with it. Tree for Android is a simple solution to your problem of finding what you need. Keep the device in it’s place, where it belongs.

The app is both a file manager and a search app.

Have you ever wanted to search what was in a folder?

You don’t have to go through each file in a folder. Search on any of your files, get a list of files, run a search and get back exactly what you needed.

You can use the app for general files and folders, or in specific applications.

Each folder or file can have an index or a search.

Once a search is running, you can choose to show only the results or to open the file.

Search for a word in the file and get back exactly what you need.

Have a file that has to be searched for specific words? Tree for Android is the answer. You can even set the app to search for a specific file format.

Tree for Android lets you scan your disk as well.

Search and open files quickly and easily.

You can add to your list of favorite files, apps, etc.

Allows you to create a list of any file, folder or package.

Control the search. You can select what gets indexed and what doesn’t.

Select files with the app’s search app.

Choose to have the app only search for the file, or search for all files.

Keep the app always on and up to date.

With Tree for Android, you can do the following:

…View file, folder or package contents.…Add files, folders or packages to your list.…View recently added files, folders or packages.…Scan the disk for files, folders or packages.…Create a search on any file,

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