Communications Electronics By Frenzel Pdf Free Download [NEW]

Communications Electronics By Frenzel Pdf Free Download [NEW]


Communications Electronics By Frenzel Pdf Free Download

. A return-to-zero (RZ) signal is a polarity signal which is modulated to present its changing periods on the.
. (Three is to be chosen more than 0,8 too). The easiest way to find the transmission delay is to connect an oscilloscope to the generator output and.The present invention relates to signal processing and more particularly to a high-performance mapping function to be used in digital signal processing applications such as conversion of analog signals to digital signals and/or compression of digital signals to digital signals.
As a general rule, the more the performance of a digital system is required to increase, the greater is the complexity and the greater is the demand on processing power (i.e., power consumed by processing circuitry). For example, where a digital signal processing system is used to convert an analog signal to a digital form, the more complex and the more powerful circuitry should be required for higher bit-rate conversion.
Typically, in a digital signal processing system, data bits (i.e., digital information) are processed by the use of a digital system. Input analog signals are converted to a digital form, e.g., by sampling the analog signal to obtain a plurality of digital samples. In general, the greater the resolution of the conversion, the more digital circuitry is required. At high sampling rates, the digital circuitry becomes relatively large and power consuming and the solution becomes very complex and relatively expensive to produce. At low sampling rates, the digital circuitry, although less complex than at high rates, requires more power, thus rendering the digital circuitry less desirable in an environment requiring low-power consumption.
It would be desirable to provide a method and a system for digital signal conversion and/or digital signal compression which eliminates the complexities of prior art systems, thus conserving processing power (i.e., power consumed by processing circuitry) for more efficient and economical processing.
The present invention relates to signal processing and more particularly to a mapping function which maps analog-to-digital, or digital-to-analog, for a high resolution conversion. The application relates generally to the conversion of analog signals to digital signals and/or the conversion of digital signals to analog signals. More specifically, the invention relates to a mapping function for use in digital signal conversion at higher resolution, wherein the function maps a digitally addressable function code to an analog signal and wherein the mapping function is optimized for quick access to any selected code segment.
The present invention provides a mapping function for mapping a large number of



Communications Electronics By Frenzel Pdf Free Download



Louis E. Frenzel Jr



Elsevier – 2004-07-01



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