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Look here to find out about this project’s past, notable
people and available versions and add-on patches. (Last
modification of the original document was 2015-03-17.)

Version 2.51:

Donations to the HEX and the GPG key site are
useful for both users and developers. If you run into any
problems, they might be able to help you. For example, if you
have a question about HEX, ask it on the Internet Relay
Chat (IRC), see these instructions. Or if you are an HEX
developer, you can ask on

Version 2.50:

If you have any problem with HEX, please ask on
IRC. I’m talking about the IRC channel #hex-wizards on

Version 2.49:

If you see any errors in the GPG, such as
“ERROR: Could not read from key” in the key archive, please let me know.

Version 2.48:

When users send me patches, they are sometimes
reported as “invalid”, so I fixed that.

Version 2.47:

If you are having problems with the HEX
Hex Store, I’ve added a partial text file as
resources/hexstore.lst for you. I’m going to
continue to add more items to that list.

Version 2.46:

HEX will now warn you if you try to
download a file that is larger than 2GB (but
it won’t stop you from downloading it).

Version 2.45:

When I first wrote HEX, the user interface
was only available as a demo; now it is
available as a beta. The beta is easier to
use than the demo, and it fixes some bugs.

Version 2.44:

I added support for both the
“unstable”, “all files”, and
“draft” key archives.

Version 2.42:

If you are having problems with the HEX
Hex Store, please let me know.

Version 2.41:

The GPG key site has updated its
capabilities, and is now a fully-

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