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AutoCAD Serial Key was initially developed for construction of large scale, multi-structure buildings. However, AutoCAD has since been adopted for many types of designs, including engineering, construction, and landscaping.

The current AutoCAD version is 2013.

1. Aims and Objectives

1.1 Advantages

1.1.1 AutoCAD allows users to create almost any type of technical drawing. As a major key to success, AutoCAD can greatly reduce the total design and documentation costs of a project.

1.1.2 Using AutoCAD to perform mechanical engineering designs, architectural designs, architectural lighting designs, or any other type of design or engineering drawings, one need only sketch the basic form of a drawing, place the drawing on the appropriate sheet of paper, and then simply draw the detail.

1.1.3 AutoCAD has been used to produce complex, large, and high-resolution drawings by small design teams in a fast and efficient manner.

1.1.4 AutoCAD is very fast at generating complex drawings. A typical drawing can be completed in a few minutes.

1.1.5 AutoCAD is very fast at rendering complex drawings.

1.1.6 AutoCAD is extremely easy to learn. It takes only a few hours to complete the initial learning curve, and this time can be reduced further if certain other programs are also learned.

1.1.7 AutoCAD offers a rich set of tools for editing drawings, and these tools can be customized by the user.

1.1.8 AutoCAD is highly stable and reliable.

1.1.9 AutoCAD is a versatile and flexible design tool.

1.1.10 AutoCAD is not subject to licensing restrictions, and there are no monetary obligations to use AutoCAD.

1.1.11 AutoCAD is a very useful software for the creation and editing of technical drawings and designs, and its use has become ubiquitous.

1.2 Limitations and Disadvantages

1.2.1 AutoCAD is not capable of representing existing projects in a lifelike manner.

1.2.2 AutoCAD may sometimes fail to recognize the level of detail in a drawing, and this may cause some problems.

1.2.3 AutoCAD may fail to recognize some

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Version history

AutoCAD version history

Software versions

AutoCAD Map 3D, released in 1999, introduced the ability to create 3D architectural drawings, starting with a 2D drafting template that could be manipulated into a three-dimensional model. It also introduced an outline display interface.
AutoCAD 2006, released in 2005, introduced new capabilities to support new 3D modeling techniques, including surface-based models. It also added a new interface, TrueType fonts, and a model builder.
AutoCAD 2007, released in 2006, introduced a new 3D graphics engine, real-time sculpting, the addition of a new thread-based technology that dramatically improved the speed of AutoCAD application, along with an upgraded drawing engine and a new 360-degree view option, and the new Document Browser and Print Preview.
AutoCAD 2010, released in 2009, introduced a new user interface, cloud synchronization, a remote support center, and tools to help with office work.
AutoCAD 2011, released in 2010, introduced real-time modeling, the ability to collaborate in real time, and improved technical support.
AutoCAD 2013, released in 2012, introduced new PDF support, including drawing PDFs and the ability to search for text inside PDF files, and improved 2D and 3D modeling tools.
AutoCAD 2014, released in 2013, added cloud collaboration tools and mobile apps for iPad, Android, and Windows 8.
AutoCAD 2015, released in 2014, added drawing, animation, and BIM support, and improved technical support.
AutoCAD 2016, released in 2015, introduced Web and Mobile collaboration, the ability to model from a browser, and improved 3D modeling and printing tools.
AutoCAD 2017, released in 2016, added a cloud-based 2D and 3D drawing editor, new 3D application development tools, and the ability to import and export to AutoCAD 360 (later renamed to DWG 360) files.
AutoCAD 2018, released in 2017, added native App support for the iPad and improved 3D printing tools.
AutoCAD 2019, released in 2018, added cloud collaboration features, improved performance, and expanded BIM and 3D applications.
AutoCAD 2020, released in 2019, added a new free Personal Edition for iPad/iPhone, and improved 3D printing tools.

AutoCAD Viewer
AutoCAD Viewer is a lightweight AutoCAD viewer program which is

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Installation description

1. In your Autocad® desktop, go to Autodesk >> Settings >> User.

2. Enter your PIN, and click ok.

3. Now goto Autocad >> Advanced >> Options >> Autocad Installation Directory.

4. Set the folder path and click ok.

5. Now hit the menu and go to Start >> Run

6. Type “Appx”

7. Type “.bat”

8. In the box type “and set ”

9. Now hit OK

10. Double click the BAT file you just opened

11. Now press OK

12. Hit yes

13. Then restart your Autocad® desktop

14. You should be all set now.


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How to use the autocad key

1. Install Autocad®

2. Go to Autocad® >> Options >> User

3. Enter your PIN and click ok.

4. Now goto Autocad® >> Advanced >> Options >> Autocad Installation Directory.

5. Set the folder path and click ok.

6. Now hit the menu and go to Start >> Run

7. Type “Appx”

8. Type “.bat”

9. In the box type “and set ”

10. Now hit OK

11. Double click the BAT file you just opened

12. Now press OK

13. Now hit Yes and you are done.


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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Import, convert and annotate UIAccessible objects from another file into your design file automatically.

Enhance your SVG drawings and templates with over 4,000 web-based fill colors, blend modes and dynamic shapes. Now you can edit SVG drawings and save them as 1-color, 2-color or vector-based files.

Add interest to any AutoCAD drawing with the addition of more than 100 clip art images and more than 1,500 additional objects. Add special text, shapes and lines to your drawings and export as templates.

AutoCAD 2023 is full of helpful improvements and enhancements that you can explore as a power user. The technical aspects of the new release are described in detail in Technical Design Notes. We’re also excited to announce several new features. The new features include:

The Ribbon design panel

AutoCAD 2023 comes with a ribbon design panel, an optional feature, which provides easy access to the commands and tools you need. The ribbon design panel displays in the upper-left corner of your design space. It is activated by a right-click.

You can customize the design panel by selecting it and then clicking the customize button. You can display more ribbon design panel options or access additional commands.

If you prefer to have all ribbon design panel commands appear in a separate tab that you can show or hide at any time, you can customize the ribbon design panel using the ribbon design panel configuration dialog box.

The design panel options are similar to the options available on the ribbon bar in previous releases. We have also added some new design panel options. (See the menu ribbon design panel options or press F1 while in the design panel.)

Customizing the Ribbon Design Panel

Display and Disable Commands

Hide Commands

Display Commands

Display your options for toggling ribbon commands. You can use this menu to hide or display any command. For example, you might choose to show the options for Hide Selected Objects.

Display a menu of all ribbon commands. You can use this menu to hide or display any command. For example, you might choose to show the options for Hide Selected Objects.

Hide ribbon commands that you don’t want to see in the ribbon design panel.

Display the dialog box that allows you to hide ribbon commands that you don’t want to see in the ribbon design panel.

System Requirements:

PC System Requirements:
Windows 7 SP1 or newer
1 GHz or faster CPU
13 GB available hard disk space
DirectX 9.0c
3D Vision hardware and drivers
Video Output:
DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
PC DVD compatible DVD drive
Installation CD
Additional Notes:
While the game is compatible with Windows Vista, it is not supported.
The game will install into the default

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