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AutoCAD is more widely used in the mechanical engineering and architecture fields than any other type of CAD software. Its major markets are architectural, mechanical, and civil engineering. It has been widely adopted by manufacturers and is included on the drawing sheets of most architecture software packages.

AutoCAD is used in a broad range of industries, including:



Auto manufacturing







In the construction industry, AutoCAD is the principal application for design work in most architectural, structural, and mechanical engineering firms. Most architects use it for architectural design, estimating, construction management, and maintenance.

Most mechanical engineers use AutoCAD to create drawings for design, documentation, manufacturing, and documentation. AutoCAD is used to complete conceptual designs and produce drawings for manufacturing, inspections, maintenance, and repairs. It is the primary drafting application for many mechanical engineers, and is used to generate manufacturing and inspection documentation. Some engineers use it to document change requests for construction projects. AutoCAD can be used to create technical documentation for design, maintenance, and inspections. It is often the only drawing application used to create documentation and drawings for job shops and manufacturers.

AutoCAD is frequently used in chemical plants to create detailed drawings for design, maintenance, and inspections.

AutoCAD is also used in the healthcare industry for 3D walkthroughs of buildings and procedures.

AutoCAD’s architecture capabilities are the same as those of SketchUp Pro.

AutoCAD is used extensively in the military to produce all types of architectural drawings for the design, construction, inspection, maintenance, repair, and documentation of all types of military facilities.

AutoCAD is used in many government agencies to produce architectural and engineering drawings.

AutoCAD is the primary drawing application for all types of design, estimating, construction management, and maintenance companies.

AutoCAD is used extensively in the manufacturing industry for production planning, assembly operations, production documentation, and maintenance management.

AutoCAD is used in the mining industry to produce rough plans for mining sites and to document exploratory operations.

AutoCAD is used in the oil and gas industry to produce geological surveys and operating plans.


AutoCAD 20.1 Free PC/Windows [2022-Latest]

ObjectARX is an AutoCAD class library built on ObjectARX-Ex, Autodesk Exchange Apps. It is intended to allow high-level application developers to access the functionality of AutoCAD from an independent language such as C++ or Java. ObjectARX-Ex is an object oriented class library for AutoCAD exchange format. There are a number of third-party applications available on the Autodesk Exchange Apps store. ObjectARX has been developed from 2006 to 2019 and is currently available on the Exchange Apps Store.

The ObjectARX API allows you to build applications that interact with the drawing and parametric model. For example, it allows adding a control to the drawing. It is used by Autodesk Architecture, Autodesk Electrical, Autodesk Civil 3D, Autodesk Multiplan, Autodesk MEP, Autodesk Project Central, Autodesk Revit and Autodesk MEP 2.

It also enables code reuse and allows developers to migrate code from proprietary software applications into the.NET framework.

Newer editions of ObjectARX-Ex

Migration support for older editions of ObjectARX-Ex

In June 2016, Autodesk added support for migrating existing ObjectARX-Ex files to the new version 1.4.x. Newer versions of ObjectARX-Ex also include more functionality, allowing new features to be easily incorporated.

ObjectARX-Ex version 1.2.3 and later

In May 2019, Autodesk added support for migrating existing ObjectARX-Ex files to the new version 2.0.x. Newer versions of ObjectARX-Ex also include more functionality, allowing new features to be easily incorporated.

Integration support

In addition to its Java API, Autodesk offers a set of C++ libraries for integration with AutoCAD. AutoLISP, Visual LISP, VBA and.NET. AutoLISP and Visual LISP have been deprecated as of AutoLISP 2011. Visual LISP is available on the AutoLISP page, but for AutoLISP 9.3 and later, it is no longer available. The.NET API has not been updated to work with the.NET framework. The VBA API is based on the AutoLISP API. The VBA IDE plugin was removed from AutoCAD 2010 SP1 onward,

AutoCAD 20.1 Crack + Free Download [2022]

Open Autodesk Autocad.

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Launch Autodesk Autocad.

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A license key will be generated.

Save this file on your computer.

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You will be prompted to enter a key.

In the Autodesk Autocad software, select “License Request”.

Select the licence that you had received.

Enter your licence key.

Click “Yes”.

Select “Include Options” and then select the license that you have been issued.

You are required to agree to the licensing.

If you choose, you may select the usage settings.

Click “OK”.

Click “OK”.

You are informed that the license is now active.

Click “OK”.

Now you can start to work.

Autodesk Autocad Trial Edition

Open the Autodesk Autocad software
A new project must be opened.

Select License for Autodesk Autocad Trial Edition
A new license must be selected.

Select Licence
Select the licence that you want to use

Autodesk Autocad Trial Edition
The licence allows the use of the Autocad for 30 days.

Select Licence
If the previous license was removed

Autodesk Autocad Trial Edition
Select the licence that you want to use.

A copy of the licence that you had selected is saved.

The software can be activated.

The software is saved.

License Agreement
You have read the License Agreement and you agree to the conditions of use of the Autodesk Autocad software.

Select Yes.

Autodesk Autocad Trial Edition
The licence is valid for 30 days.

Autodesk Autocad Trial Edition
You have 30 days to use the Autocad.

You must register

Select “Yes” to register the software.

You are informed about the conditions.

You accept the conditions.

Autodesk Autocad Trial Edition
You are informed about the conditions.

The software is registered.

You are informed about the conditions.

You accept the conditions.


What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Set drawing-area properties and import objects and selections from other drawings or from the command line. (video: 1:03 min.)

Save drawings for poster-print scaling, output at specific paper sizes, and add legend text in alternate layouts. (video: 1:22 min.)

When you’re ready to send your design, create your drawing set, export, and send.

AutoCAD startup tips:

Ensure you have a recent autocad start-up or a cold-start from the bin.

Double-check your default settings. If necessary, reset the settings to your desired defaults.

Examine your preferences settings. Make sure you have saved your preferences, and that the selected preferences are included in the preferences menu.

Save and/or reset any custom user preferences and/or group-based settings.

Edit your shortcut keys. Use shortcuts to avoid typing out long menu or control names.

Import a file (DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF, etc.) and open it in the current drawing.

Use the Scale in Object and Insert Scales in Object command to create a scale or scale shape.

Use the Scale in Object and Insert Scales in Object command to create a scale or scale shape and apply it to a drawing.

Use the Move command to move objects, and edit object locations (for now, in Edit mode).

Be sure you are in Object mode when you edit object locations.

Use the Edit Properties of Drawing toolbar to edit properties such as width and height.

Use the Edit Properties dialog box to edit properties for objects, layers, and collections.

If you are moving objects, be sure to use the Move command, rather than the standard Move tool.

Use the Label Manager command to add, edit, and set properties of labels, including description, color, font, and orientation.

Use the Path option to path automatically, or choose tools to manually path your objects.

Use the Stroke command to stroke objects and create color fills.

Use the Type tool to create custom fonts, texts, and shapes.

Use the Vertex Selection tool to add and edit vertices.

Use the Zoom command to zoom the view in or out.

Use the Zoom to Fit command to

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

We also strongly recommend playing on a PC with at least 3GB of memory and an Nvidia or AMD graphic card with 1GB VRAM.
A DualCore processor (Tested with AMD Phenom x2 6300, Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 and Intel Core i7 2600) is required to play at a minimum of 30FPS and there are no compatibility issues with any processors or CPUs.
If you can play at 60FPS then with a bit of luck you may be able to push it to 75 or even 90FPS

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